All you need to know about Builder's Backbone.
YES! It is almost impossible to run a business now-a-days without an internet connected computer and software for running the paperwork side of your business. Use our computers to check email, write letters, make invoices, research or print! Builders Backbone provides computers on a first come first served basis. Unlike the library, our computers are equipped with the basic tools you need to operate your business. Not sure how to use a computer? No problem! We will hold classes regularly to teach the basic skills required for managing your business.
We will have a calendar of classes and trainings that members can attend. Builders Backbone will host and present many trainings to the members to meet their needs and help them. If there is a class you’d like to attend but it is not on the schedule, just ask! Tell your member services associate and we will find the proper member, or resources necessary to conduct the classes you need. Members can schedule their own classes to teach other members about a product, service or talent they are especially good at. By working together, and learning from one another, we can all become much better business people.
The Builders Backbone team is working hard to put the finishing touches on a variety of apps that members will be able to download to their smartphone free of charge. These apps will include
  • A project management app to keep your jobs on time and on budget.
  • A time management app for tracking your time and your employee’s time making billing and payroll easy.
  • A invoicing app to help you bill your customers quickly and professionally. No more paper billing required! Simply generate an invoice on the spot and send it to your customer by email.
  • Digital showroom app. Unable to visit the showroom with your client or need to show them something NOW? Use the Digital showroom app to navigate our showroom and show them any product or display, just like they were there. You can also use this app to send your customer a reminder or a list of the items to choose between.
YES! If you are worried that customers are turned off by your home address or PO BOX address and you may lose business because you don’t look like a big business we can change that for you starting on day one! Members are encouraged to use the Builders Backbone building address as their own - just like you owned the building yourself! Members are assigned a suite number that is yours and yours alone. Your suite address is one thing that is never shared at Builders Backbone. It belongs to your business and will never have belonged to someone else and even if you leave, it will never be reassigned. This ensures that no other reviews or businesses will show up as yours. Think of like the big downtown buildings, they hold many businesses inside of them. This is the same. Let our prime Houston location, near the Galleria and easily accessible to 3 major roadways, help your business look like a PRO to anyone who looks you up online, in the phonebook or comes to see you!
At Builders Backbone we’ve ran and continue to operate successful businesses, and we know from first hand experience what it takes to be successful. Now, for the first time ever before, we have brought all of these attributes, together in one place where you can use as few or as many of the features and benefits that we offer for less than what you spend on coffee each month.
It is our goal to redefine the relationships between factories, craftsmen, contractors, sub-contractors and all of the underlying support and sales staff. By working together, we keep costs low. By cooperating with each other, sharing resources and only using the things you need when you need them, we are able to subsidize the overall cost. It just makes sense that if you are a small business, hiring an employee to do something for you that you only truly need done a few days a month is not logical. Therefore, we allow you to access the things you need only when you need them and they are available for others to use the remained of the time.
People from every construction, home improvement business or adjacent businesses who serve the construction industry (ie. architects, lawyers, financial institutions, tool sales, etc) are welcome, because the diversity and breadth of skills, talents, trades and attributes everyone brings to the table makes Builders Backbone a more rich and rewarding experience for everyone. Ultimately, we want to stimulate relationships between our members, leading to long lasting, profitable relationships with partners you’d likely never interact with.
You know you can trust a Builders Backbone tradesman, because we do our homework and vet each member before bringing them into the fold. If we find an applicant has a bad reputation, is undependable or dishonest we will turn them away because these are attributes that backbone cannot provide. Furthermore, if a member begins to get bad reviews repeatedly from customers we will terminate their membership and discontinue their access to the building. We only require our members to have one key aspect when you join BB, integrity. Builders Backbone can provide you with everything else you need to be. Integrity is a key trait you can expect to find across all BB members.
We need our members to succeed. Word of mouth is our most powerful means of growing the business. We want our members to brag, boast and tell everyone they know because they are so excited about everything they get for such a low price. However, we do realize that everyone faces different challenges. If for any reason you feel you are not getting back from Builders Backbone what you are putting is, talk to one of our member services directors. You can think of them as your personal guide to Builders Backbone and it’s huge list of benefits and services. They will do whatever it takes to find you the resources, information or solution to your issue as quickly as possible or if necessary create a new class or service to suite your need. If we cannot do that for you and you still feel we are not worth the small monthly investment, you are free to leave. No hard feelings. We shake hands and remain friends because we never hold our members hostage to a contract, or require them to pay fees to leave the way other businesses do. Simply walk away free and clear. You get to keep all the information you learned, connection you made and relationships you developed. Even if you leave us, it is our goal to have you want to tell people about Builders Backbone and how it will work for them. But don’t get your hopes up, we have not lost a single member yet.

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