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    Tired of the old get 3 estimates, and hope the reviews are true method... You can receive up to $10,000 of FREE APPLIANCES Whenever You Hire One Of Our Trusted Contractors To Rebuild Your Home. It absolutely sucks to be at the mercy of a company that is charging you good money to fix your home. Are you tired of getting estimates, and being oversold by companies that promise that they will save you money? Everybody knows that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to remodeling your home. And every one says good things are not cheap, and cheap things are not good. The contractors of the future are taking remodeling to the next level. You can now upgrade your home, and do it in a timely fashion, and turn a profit at the same time. Weather you have flood insurance, or not... Many customers have flood insurance that covers contents. Appliances should be covered by your flood insurance, providing you have coverage for contents. Even with having this coverage some insurance companies are not paying for appliances that were touched by flood waters. They are asking homeowners to clean the appliances, and plugged them in. If they work then reuse these appliances. Insurance companies want to save as much money as possible. However, no one wants appliances that had nasty flood waters in them. You can give us your old appliances, and we will upgrade you to brand new appliances. Important Information for Homeowners Flooded after Hurricane Harvey Larger electronics and appliances that experienced some mold exposure, or was touched by flood water should be thrown out, and replaced. Mold can still damage appliances’ electronic systems. For example, a hard drive may be removed from a computer and salvaged, but the drive could suffer damage if you power it on while in a computer with damaged circuitry. Consult a professional about these items. Home Renovation And Construction Services Two Week Turn Key Turn Around Kitchen Renovation Bathroom Renovation Upgrade From Pre Flood Conditions Create Open-Plan Space Outdoor Renovation Up to $10,000 Free Brand New Appliances

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