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    Here at Urban Luxury Properties, we take a fresh approach to real estate by implementing industry-leading systems and strategies that position our clients to achieve their goals when buying, selling or leasing real estate in the Houston Metroplex area. Our Seller- We are able to provide our Sellers with solutions that allow our clients that ability to net up to 18% more money, while also positioning them sell up to 29 days faster the national average. Our Buyers- When working with our Buyers we are able to show them 85 different factors that will allow them to maximize their equity swing which in turn helps our clients save 10's or 1000's of dollars during the purchase and future sale of their real estate. We also educate advise our clients on the various available downpayment programs assistance programs that they may qualify for when making their real estate purchase. Here at Urban Luxury Properties, we are here to forge lifelong relationships that will be around for generations.

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