Warehouse Space in Houston

Do you work in an industry where it is necessary to have warehouse space from time to time? Do you often have overstocked materials that you need to keep safe or dry? Maybe you have inventory that you must have easy access to, for restocking or deliveries. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find affordable warehouse space in Houston without building your own shed or signing a long term contract.

You are probably already familiar with the storage unit route, but there are a lot of problems that come with that choice. Many are not temperature controlled. Often insecure, without security guards or sensors and rodents frequently have free run of the place too! YUCK! So how do you get quality, insured, bonded, warehouse space in Houston without signing a long term lease or building it yourself? Simple! Join Builder's Backbone for as little as $49 a month and you will then have access to use their warehouse space on a "pay-as-you" style price structure without any obligation to be under contract.

Warehouse space in Houston has never been more affordable, and reasonable to work with. The Builders Backbone warehouse in Houston is conveniently located on the Westside of the city near many main roadways.

In addition to having a newly renovated, updated and modern facility for you to keep your materials safe inside, the Builders Backbone warehouse in Houston is ready to help you in more ways than just storage. There is a convenient and affordable logistics service available to Builder's Backbone members which allows them to easily have materials delivered to or from the warehouse on schedule to their jobsite or anywhere they specify (curbside).

Have you ordered a shipment that you need to accept and store? No problem! We can easily accept your shipment for you and will put it away for you on the shelves, safe and sound till you need to access it yourself. All for an unbelievably affordable fee.

Whether you need warehouse space for a long-term storage solution or a short term hold over situation, Builders Backbone can help you to solve your warehouse in Houston problems.